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July 7, 2005

Wikipedia and the Semantic Web — The Missing Links

Krotzch, Markus, Denny Vrandecic, and Max Volkel. “Wikipedia and the Semantic Web — The Missing Links.” Proceedings of Wikimania 2005. 4-8 Aug., 2005. 5 July 2005.

The authors suggest that, with proper semantic information, Wikipedia could be the foremost source of complex ontologies on the Web. As such, it would serve as a valuable site for studying how ontologies are formed in the real world and improve our understanding of ontologies as a whole.

In order to evolve into such a structure, Wikipedia will need to institute relational tagging for links. The development of tag categories would be overseen by the same team that currently administrates nominal categories. Polling for categories could be automated, but some human task work would still be required. Wikipedians would be able to include tags in their link text if they were so inclined, but, in order to maintain accessibility to lower-level users, it would not be mandated. These tags will appear in the OWL/RDF output for each page, thus rendering the entire structure more functionally searchable.

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