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Lead in the Clinton Story

The lead, "Hillary Rodham Clinton challenged her opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination on the environment, health care and foreign policy during a stop Sunday at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, where she appealed to young people to share her vision of an America with "limitless possibility," was written by Pat Doyle in the Star Tribune, in his report on the Clinton rally at Augsburg College on Sunday.

The news elements are the "who": Hillary Rodham Clinton, the "what": "challenged her opponent," the "when": Sunday, the "where": Augsburg College, the "why": "appealed to young people to share her vision...", and the "how": "(on the environment, health care and foreign policy) during a stop." Detailed are the issues that the candidate mentioned in her speech: "the environment, health care and foreign policy." These are emphasized in order to draw the reader into the article, using issues that many people care about. It is also detailed that she "appealed to young people," to show Clinton's purpose in choosing Augsburg College as a place to deliver her speech. What is generalized, however, is how Clinton challenged her opponent. It is not said why, or how, it simply states that she challenged Obama. This may be to keep the focus on Clinton and her striving to appeal to the youth vote, rather than on Obama's stance on the issues or his appeal to young voters.

The lead is not a standard and straightforward hard-news lead, for it begins with the "who" element, but proceeds to give many other elements, and goes into special detail on the "how" when it states the issues that Clinton mentioned in her speech. The reporter may have chosen this approach in order to bring the article's focus to the election's most pressing issues, and subsequently the reader's greatest interests. The lead also details the "why" of the story: Clinton spoke at Augsburg College in order to appeal to young voters. This may have been done in order to show one of the challenges that faces Clinton in the upcoming election - securing the youth vote.