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In the story, "2 more Bhutto assassination suspects arrested," found on MSNBC, at least 6 sources are mentioned. These include Pakistani police, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry of Pakistan, U.S. officials, militant representatives from Pakistan, a spokesman for the British High Commission, and an assignment editor for a private TV news station.

The sources are mentioned paragraph by paragraph, clustered together. The information comes from people, such as Pakistani officials who were involved in the arrest of the suspects. Police reports or other documents are not mentioned. The attribution is set up in a clear and informative manner. The sources are given one by one, and most often are mentioned after the important information is given to the reader. This happens especially at the beginning of the article. Sources are mentioned before the information at the end of the article, because the "who" of the story becomes more important than the "what." This is effective in showing what the most important information is in the article, and it shows the reader how the reporter knows what they know.