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Meeting/press conference

Find a news report about a public meeting or a press conference by a governmental organization. If it was a meeting, get the agenda. If it was a press conference, get the press release. Compare the news report with either the agenda or the press release. What choices did the reporter make in crafting that news story?

A press release from the Office of Management and Budget about their citizen's guide to the financial report in the U.S. government was made on February 14, 2008, found at the OMB website, White House.gov TAHOCO, an online site, found at TAHOCO, which writes news stories focusing on government action, wrote a story about the citizen's guide. The press release calls the guide a " user-friendly reference tool," and also calls problems within the government "challenges." The reporter that wrote the news release uses a matter-of-fact tone, and neither praises nor condemns the government's actions. They use facts from the press release, such as when the guide was released and what it will entail, but does not use the language or tone of the release.