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Clinton Speaks at Augsburg College

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at Augsburg College today, and drew a crowd of approximately 4,000 into the overflowing gymnasium, according to the Star Tribune.

Her visit followed Barack Obama's at the Target Center on Saturday, with a crowd of about 20,000. Many who came planned to be late to Super Bowl parties, said MPR.

Clinton's speech was scheduled to focus on the economy, yet the candidate spoke on a variety of topics, including health care and the conflict in Iraq. (MPR.com) Her speech also covered the collapse of the 35-W bridge.

Walter Mondale, former Vice President, introduced Clinton.

Clinton's visit to Augsburg College emphasized her need for the youth vote, a group that Obama has appealed to. The candidate has support, however. As college student Ali Minelli, 18, said: "Obama's young, he still has time. Hillary, I think this is her time." (StarTribune.com)