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March 16, 2006

Preparation Time

Well, we are getting closer to the date of departure. The applications are in for visa's, passports, etc,. I have started to do some reading and was recommended the book, "Human Resource Strategies in China" by Alma Whiteley, Sara Cheung, Shi Quan Zhang. I also plan on reading some articles on Adult Education relating to Eastern teaching philosophy and would like any other resources that anyone has. The China Center at the University of Mn. has been a resource, along with the Chinese Consulate website in Chicago. Interesting cultural and other types of links

March 6, 2006

Washington Post article on the Internet and Growing use In China

Interesting article on the growing use of the internet in China.

Planning Phase

Well this is just my second entry here as I am getting acquainted with the whole blogging experience in a number of other classes. I plan on trying to develop this blog in order to lay a foundation for what it is like to be a graduate student that is going to China to learn more about education in a different cultural environment. I would like to try to make different links to websites in China to help any readers with understanding this better. If you happen upon this and would like to enter anything that would be helpful in terms of learning theory, Chinese culture, Chinese history, higher education issues in China or learning technologies, please feel free to comment. Thanks beforehand for your input.