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Using Blogs, Wikis, etc,./Thoughts on WHRE Foundations 8141

As I'm becoming somewhat familiar with these technology tools, I'd like to add a link about the UMWiki. This is on my to do list. I would like to start one for WHRE topics. I saw one for EdPA, but it looked like it was in its infancy stages.

U of Mn Wiki Tool

Thoughts on WHRE 8141

We have now had a few classes and I am finding it very interesting. The readings have helped me broaden my understanding of the history and philosophy of work as it relates to us and the organizations we work with. What has also been interesting is to reflect on the previous classes and experiences that I have had. Especially the recent trip to China. It is interesting for me to read about our neo-classical roots while thinking about Eastern ideology and how it is playing such a larger role than I think many of us realize in our current environment. Our class is an eclectic group of people from many different walks of life and cultures. As we are in the early stages of "forming" in the class, it will be interesting to see what the "stormin" and "normin" phases will look like.

Our group has picked the topic of "Motivation and the Individual". Broad topic with many potentially interesting avenues that we may be able to pursue. We are possibly going to use a blog for collaborating on this. Some other options could be setting up a UMWiki. This has more options, but can be problematic in terms of using to much time learning the process as opposed to learning the current topic. Does Argyris address this in his "Double Loop Learning" concept?

Maybe this is more about the metacognition discussion piece we had in our first class?

Our first paper is also going to be a challenge for me. We will need to use a historical influence through out our topic that we pick. I'm thinking of the historical influence of technology on work, human resource and education but I think I need to narrow this down somewhat.