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New Media - Artist

One of the artists that really caught my attention in our book goes by the name Vuk Cosic. He is a Slovenian artist who is known to work with text in an art form. He was not the first artist to do this sort of art, however, he did add his own twist. Starting the term net.art, one of his famous series is called ASCII History of Moving Images. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange). I found his works very unique and creative because he used text to create scenes from some of his favorite television shows. The software used in producing this artwork allowed him to animate his works as well, simply by placing the frames one after the other and playing them in a quick motion. Some of his animations are not classroom appropriate though so pre-inspection would be necessary. He has some from Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" and from "Star Trek", but I would definitely stay away from his pornographic example especially with young children. Despite this, I truly believe that Vuk Cosic would be a very good example for future lesson plans. He shows us that it is possible to make images using simple things like text, and to even animate the text is possible.