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LESSON: Wanda Gag Thaumatropes

Joellyn asked each of my group members to come up with a potential lesson plan for the wanda gag exhibit and here is my plan... we decided not to use it for the actual experience but it still has potential to be a small project in my future. Because the two of them will be covering the main lesson plans, I still came up with an alternative lesson plan.

Wanda Gag Thaumatropes
Age Group: 2nd Graders
Time Frame: 10 minutes or less

This project gives the kids the opportunity to put together their very own small animation.

The objective of this assignment is to have the students put together their own animated project that somewhat relates to wanda gag's artwork
Materials: Index cards, crayons, string (embroidery string works well), a window source with light

Materials: Index cards (no lined/hole punched) , crayons, 2 string

Motivational Resources:
Wanda Gag
'Millions of Cats'
website: http://www.childrensliteraturenetwork.org/events/destins/gaghouse.html

Intro To Lesson:
To begin this lesson, it may be a good idea to actually read the book to your class. That way they can be reminded about what happens in the book and can get ideas for the own creative thaumatrope. After reading the story, it might be a good idea to give the students a little history about Wanda Gag and her techniques in drawing. Those techniques will include flowing lines, repetition, and hatching. Next explain the lesson while holding up the materials as you go through the process step by step. Make sure the students understand the assignment and know the safety regulations before going any further.

Instructural Procedure:
Hand out two index cards to each student. Each student should hole punch both sides (centered) in the sides of both card. Make sure they line up correctly and are centered. The cards will be marked. Have them draw ears on the first index card where the top of the circle is. Take the second index card and make a complete detailed face. Be sure to use Wanda Gag's technique. Next, flip index card 2 upside down and place behind card 1. The pictures should be on the outside on both sides. Take the string and tie the ends together. Put one string in one side of the index cards through the prepared hole. Put the end of the string through the middle and create the knot. Do the same to the other side.