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Zoetrope Research


This site is full of details on the history of zoetropes, how it works, and what became of it. There are also video links at the bottom of the page relating to the topic. Check it out.

-cut out template
-glue small circle to main circle to help stabilize; poke hole on centered dot
-fold tabs up and glue the securing stripe to the outside of the tabs.
those are the basic instructions i will be covering but i will be more thorough during my actual lesson.

-make sure you are cutting what you should be cutting and nothing else.
-DONT use those paint markers.... be aware of coloring utensil being used.
-if i were to do this in a classroom, i would bring more scissors and glue. also, unify and dont use weird colored paper! white only, on thick paper preferably!


This is from the same site and it goes into detail about the Thaumatrope, another thing i covered in our class. It also talks about the history, how it works, what becomes of it and includes video links. Check it out.

-punch 2 holes in index card, on centered on each side.
-draw image on both, use window to see through and keep imagines together
-rubber bands go in hole and loop to hold

-rubber bands... find substitution... string for example.
-keep image SIMPLE. the result is much better that way.
-talk to kids about importance of centering image!!!
-again, DON'T use paint markers!