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I think this was overall a very good experience not only for me and my group members but also for the children we were working with. The kids had fun participating and for many of them, it was their first experience making an animation. I learned a lot personally about the amount of work it takes to produce an effective lesson plan because I have not taken many education classes yet. An effective lesson has to be in depth and thought out ahead of time if you want to avoid any problems and issues. I definitely am glad that we got the chance to work with the Tweed Museum staff too. All of the faculty were supportive and we had a lot of positive feedback about how the two sessions went and advice.

We had some transition issues the first day but I think we fixed the majority on day two. Thinking back, the kids from day one were not behaving as well as the kids on day two did. This was especially evident when I was guiding the kids through the animation portion of 'Millions of Cats'. Day two kids were waiting their turn in line and there were not many issues with kids cutting in line. I feel day two went a lot smoother because I told them what i expected them to do before, during and after they did their part in the animation. I told them to stand quietly with their cat in line and after they take their turn to go to the designated spot and take a seat. I feel it was easier for Aily and Andy to transition kids to the next project. I made the mistake to not really give easy directions to the kids on day one and so it was hard to tell what kids were done and what kids had not had an opportunity to participate.

If i were to do this lesson again, I would make sure we had more time with the kids. Everything was really rushed and I honestly feel if we would have more time, the overall product would have been more successful and the kids would get the opportunity to really reflect on how their artwork can resemble Wanda Gags. Also, I would have the kids put the cats in a line behind the old man so I could have them make more of a forward motion, like they were walking down the path together.