September 18, 2008

Project 1 Brainstorm

Digital Collage & Kids:

*dream house/car/pet
*party invite
*thank yous
*birthday or holiday cards
*family/friend posters
*design room sign: "_____'s room" , "don't enter" , "knock please"
*create advertisement logo for favorite object/product
*turn 10 favorite objects into something completely different
*create a new world/undiscovered as of right now
*digital image showing an entire story
*interior designer - design rooms
*new creature!
*yourself in 15 years. 30 years.
*combine clay, paint etc with digital things
*turn a picture of self into something completely different/impossible
(ie. dog, snow white)

October 2, 2008

Brainstorming 'moving images' (2)

-1 picture made by the whole class
-(each do one thing, then photo. then next kid..)
-abstract color
- (take something and change it to be something completely different.. transform)
-animal barking, playing, eating
-tree growing

October 21, 2008

Brainstorm Proj 3

I have this idea of making some sort of digital story parts of our body as the face of the characters. Have you ever stuffed your thumb in the palm of your hand (in a fist) and drew eyes and things on it? I think a combination of that and creating a character by using part of our face. Our mouth will be the character's but we will be upside-down so the entire chin area can serve as the face. Maybe we can even do some designing digitally like add hats, clothing, etc... and create a story from there.

here's my link of inspiration. i'll look for more too.
Upside-Down Faces
This is a kindof neat team one...

November 4, 2008

Sand/Paint Animation Brainstorm

Sand & Light Table

-Experiment with:

*color harmony
* Weather : wind, sunset, rain, storm, lightning
* Facial Expressions
* Familiar Cartoons
* Transformations/morphing
* Nature: palm trees, pine trees
* Science Fiction
* Abstracting shapes