November 29, 2008

Observation Hours

On Nov 21, I observed one of Chrissy Valento's art classes. The kindergartner's had built a shape out of clay their previous art class and she was having them paint and glaze the necklaces this period. She is very good at getting the wild children to listen to the directions. She had her student teacher do a lot of the work in the classroom which was helpful because then her student teacher got the hands on experience with the kids. Chrissy had me walk around the classroom and make sure the glaze did not get stuck in the hole where the kids will eventually string it to make a necklace. I also was on 'behavior' duty because i knew all the kid's by name. Chrissy had planned out her lesson very well and because of that, really did not run into any major problems. She limited the glaze per table so the kindergartners couldn't make too much of a mess. She fully elaborated on her expectations of the class and they followed through. Also, she had another drawing project set up for the kids who finished early. One of the kids had a temper tantrum and she was able to handle the situation very well. In conclusion, she is a very accurate, organized, planned and an effective art teacher.