November 18, 2008

Experience in the Tweed

Instead of going into the classroom, my group is going to be holding a little experiment down in the Tweed. I have to talk to my group members about the specifics of the experience but as for now, this is what I understand...

Dates: Tues Dec 2, Wed Dec 3
Time: 1pm-2pm, + set-up/clean up time.
Group Members: Andy & Aily
Influence: Wanda Gag exhibit in the Tweed Museum
Intended Audience: Children from Lowell Elementary School, Grade 2

There will be a large number of kids coming to the Wanda Gag exhibit on those days and so we plan on trading off groups to work with. We will bring the light table down to the Tweed and we will have the kids each participate in making a sand drawing on the light table that is influenced by the Wanda Gag exhibit. Things they can look for are: pattern, line quality, character, repetition, technique, and more. We will be renting out a camera and tripod from the school or else one of us will bring are own from home. We will set it up so that we can take still shots of the kid's progress and then are capable of creating a movie with the information.

Because we are not able to work in the schools literally, I plan on going into Chrissy Valento's room to simply observe the art classroom environment. I already spoke to her so it is alright with her. I will write about my experience after I go.

December 2, 2008

Tweed Animation!

YAY, day one is done..
so these are the two project results. Keep in mind i honestly spent very minimal time playing around in iMovie so maybe the timing is a bit weird per slide, but i think these give the gist of it.

Millions of Cats, Day 1 Animation
Download file

Funny Thing, Day 1 Animation
Download file