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My self portrait

The medium I used for this self mosaic was photography that I have taken in the past year of places, objects and things that are important to me in my life. I love nature and the enviorment around me. I love traveling, and exploring new area's that I am not familiar with. The covered bridge in my mosaic is very important to me, it is where all my extended family is, and a lot of my family history. I find the bridges very beautiful for some reason, and I am always photographing them each time I return to Winterset, Iowa. I thought after time I would get sick of photographing them over and over, but each time I return, I find something unique in them that makes me wanting to keep coming back. The bridges in someway has became my trademark in my art work. I have noticed that through out the years, I have been incorporating them in different projects, so I really wanted to include them in this one; they have became a part of me.

The hands that are in the center of the flower in the top right corner are of my boyfriend and mine. I wanted to incorporate some how my relationship with him and how special it is. We are very trusting and loyal with each other; and also humble. I feel that hands are a very intimate feature on a person; and can show who a person is just by the texture and creases of a hand. I wanted to show something of "us" together, without having a normal portrait of us together.

The flower in the top right corner I included was from my apartment. I love flowers, they are instant gratification to me. When I am feeling down, I like to look at them, because they always cheer me up. I love the color and richness in flowers. They have a beauty that I am in love with.

The photograph in the right bottom corner is of my Mamiya C 330 medium format camera. I LOVE this camera. It is my all time favorite camera to shoot with. 2 years ago I began taking photography classes at the community college back home, and our professor offered a class just on medium format. I hesitated because I didnt really want to spend the money on a new camera, and I was comfortable with my SLR. It was hard at first to find this camera, becuase you kind of have to find it on ebay or places like that. My father helped me find it and gave it to me as a christmas present. This camera instantly became special to me, because my dad had put a lot of work into finding it for me. Once I started shooting with it, I was hooked. The qaulity of the images are amazing. I loved the detail and textures that could be shown. I also loved how it felt to shoot with it, its not a normal camera that you just look into the view finder and take a picture. I loved how the process took time, and how you looked down into it to look at the image. It made my photographs more special to me, because I wasn't just pointing the camera to the object and clicking and shooting. It was a process. I learned a lot about photography in that class, and developed a deep passion for it.

The image on the left bottom corner and the image on the right, in the middle are photographs of myself and my boyfriend up at Two Harbors. The images are very light and faint, but when seen close up in the 24 X 30 you can see them. Those images where taken on a winter day when we went on a drive to explore towns in Northern Duluth.

The main picture of myself is just a quirky self portrait I took of myself in my apartment. I like this picture becuase its not the regular, smile and fake portrait. It's still posed, but, I was being goofy, and having fun, and I wanted to incorporate that into my piece.