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March 1, 2006

Frog Prince Fairy Tale

I really enjoyed working on my fairy tale project. At first I was a little nervous becuase the idea's that I had, weren't exactly working out the way that I had wanted them to go, but it ended up alright. I began my research on the Frog Prince fairy tale by reading different variations of the fairy tale. From their I went on and decided how I wanted to interpet the fairy tale, and what I wanted to change about it. In the orginal fairy tale, the princess looses a glass ball in a pond. I wanted to make this more contemporary, not many people walk around with a glass ball in their hand anymore lol. Instead of the glass ball I chose a necklace. The majority of my fairy tale takes place on the shore of Lake Superior, instead of a pond in the forest. I liked the effect that Lake Superior gave to my story. At first I wasn't thrilled that their was snow on the ground, but I think it worked to my advantage. It gave a wintery, princess feeling to it. The only thing I was bothered about was how cold and windy it was outside. Also when we went to photograph the necklace in the water, Lake Superior decided to take it and keep it, I guess he really wanted a necklace? :)

The main medium I used in this project was photography. I took all the images and placed them into photoshop. From there, I gray scaled all the images and started from there adding color. Throughout the piece I wanted the girl to have either blue or pink somewhere on her body, whether it be in her clothes or on the necklace. The frog I had consistently stay green, even through the last image of the frog turning into the prince. The most important thing I wanted to focus on in this piece was camera angles, I wanted them to look interesting and different.

As far as the process goes of the project, I think my biggest struggle is story boarding. I like to throw out ideas, but I have a tough time of condensing them into a certain amount of images. I like to work on the project, and then go back and story boarding. lol.

In the future, I would like to try other mediums other then photography. I love photography and love the challenge on constantly improving my images; but I would also like to try other ways, especially illustration. I know that It would be a great challenge to me, because I am not as familiar with Illustrator as i am with Photoshop.