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Charles Cohen

The person I chose to research on is Charles Cohen. He was born in New York, New York in 1968. He graduated with his BA from the University of Chicago and then continued on with his MFA and the Rhode Island School of Design. It was hard to find detailed information on him, all I could really find was a long list of solo and group exhibitions that he has done from 1993- 2005. I find Cohen's work very intriguing.

A lot of his work is with altering digital photography. My favorite work of his, is where he has photographs of people in erotic poses, but the people are cut out so there is only a negative white space where the people are. The background that the people of the negative space are in, are very typical ordinary scenes around homes and landscapes. I like how he questions the dichotomy of the foreground and background. Their is an absence to these photographs. With the white negative space, I think makes the figure stand out even more with the background. It poses questions of what is going on, you are thinking about these pornographic scenes, but is that what he is intending? I think it is interesting in how some of his photographs, the background is in many intimate settings, like the bedroom. In other ones, they are outside at a park, out in the open, which in a way makes you feel uncomfortable because that's not something you see everyday while walking in the park. It deffiently draws your attention to question why he placed them there.

The category and content of Charle's Cohen's work is digital technoligies as a tool where he erases part of the photograph to make it a new meaning. I find this idea very cool and interesting and can see it influencing my work in the future. When it comes to my photography and design, rarely do I ever take parts out to make it a negative space like that. I thought it was interesting as I was researching this and going onto my blog, Joellyn's main website; the hands show negative space, which I thought was a great example of what Charles Cohen is doing with his work. It makes me curious to try and apply it to my own work and see what happens.

To see more of his work you can go to his personal website at:



I agree that this is a very interesting way of dealing with photographs. Looking at the images, it was not at all what I was expecting to see. Also, it makes me think that he could cut out a white area into whatever shape he would like to. This could allow the artist to work with something very real (like photographs) yet create any situation that they would like to.