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Pomegranate Greek Outfits

I really struggled with this project. I have learned through this project that I am a very structured person. I like guidelines, and a good idea of what I am doing. This project was really hard for me, with how broad it was. There was so many ways you could take just one idea, that it was hard for me to stay focused, narrow it down, and just work on one thing. I didn't care too much for sketching out costumes, I thought I would enjoy it, but drawing is not my strength. I would have rather sketched my idea's out on the computer then on paper.

It was also really hard to design costumes with pomegranates. I tried many ways to incorporate them into my designs, but they looked flat, and boring like I had just cut and pasted them on. When I finally started to enjoy designing the costumes is when I decided to make the pomegranates abstract. I had a lot of fun trying different filters, and designs without letting them get that "photoshop" look. That was my biggest concern. In the end I am happy with the result of the patterns on my costumes. My favorite one is of the big pomegranate on the back of the shawl. I think that one looks the most realistic, like she is really wearing the pattern in that photograph. I enjoyed actually photographing the greek costumes and designing the clothes that way. It gave me more of an idea how they wear there clothes and what they look like in real life then opposed to what they look like on a computer screen or illustration.

I am satisfied with my project, I wish I would have spent may a little more time on the poster board and generated more sketchs, I also wish that I could have made more pomegranate designs.

This project really challenged me with taking a object that is really hard to photo collage and make it look interesting. I really struggled with different ways to incorporate it in my designs. I also thought it was challenging trying to make the designs realistic.