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Final Project

For my final project I decided to focus on making another digital print. I really enjoyed the 1st project with the self portrait incorporating my photography into digital art. For this last project I decided to make a digital print for my boyfriend's grandparents.. They have recently moved into a smaller retirement community from living in the same house for the past 37 years. They have been having a really tough time with the adjustment. His grandparents love objects, and collecting things and they had a bunch of objects around the yard that had meaning to them that they are having a hard time letting go.
One weekend when they weren't around I photographed the images that were important to them.

I was really excited to start this project.. but once I got into it.. I realized it was going to be a lot harder then I thought. What I had to figure out was how to incorporate all of these objects together, get a main focal point.. and not letting it be so overwhelming with pictures that you can't stand to look at it.
I made about 5 different versions and none of them seemed like they were working. I was collaging too much.. I had too many layers and just needed to be simplified. I also learned a lot in this process about working for your clients needs.. I was making all of these artsy abstract collages and then realized that this was not a fit for his grandparents. I need something simple but yet different and interesting. I didn't touch this project for about a week becuase I was so annoyed with it. But once I came back to it I felt like everything fell in place. I made 3 24 X 30 prints.. They had this statue of the Virgin Mary in their front yard that was very important to them. His grandma is a devote Catholic. So I decided to make the statue of Mary the main focal point in this collage symbolizing that Mary and God are blessing the family, and protecting them. The first print is of Mary's head, the second is of her body and hands, and the last print is of her feet. Within these photographs I made a grid and alternated the object photographs every other sqaure. the sqaures that were not used I made into a beige color. I wanted a simple light color that was not going to distract or compete with the object pictures. Along with the object photograph's Matt's mom had given me a bunch of family pictures that I felt I should incorporate. At first I was a little nervous incorporating even more photographs but I think they way they turned out intergrated worked out really well.

I am very happy with how this project turned out. It is a design that is simple, but yet its fun to look at, I like how their is three different layers of meaning in this print. When I hung the prints on the wall I noticed when you step back you can see the whole body of Mary through out the 3 prints. I did not intentionally line them up perfectly nor were they meant to, but they worked out that way.

The most important thing to me in this project is that his grandparents like it, I can't wait to present it to them.