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November 8, 2005

Writing Back

Hey Shirly,
I hope you had a good weekend; mine was pretty fun. I didn't go to any house parties which is kind of different...but on Friday I went to a rave-party in this old warehouse where they played really really loud techno music and had crazy lights flashing everywhere. I definitely met some interesting people and it was fun dancing and watching other people dance. On Saturday I went to a different nightclub with friends and listened to this funk-reggae band. They were pretty good but I got sick toward the end of the show so that kind of ruined it. The two nights this weekend were very different from each other, as far as the music and crowd of people goes. What did you do? Do you have a best friend or boyfriend?? My best friend lives 2 hours away now, and I do not have a boyfriend right now. I don't really want that attached feeling since I just started college, but it is nice sometimes when you really like the person.
Well it sounds like you got really good grades for the first quarter. You should be proud of yourself, and that's cool that you're trying to do even better. I don't really know how to give advice on being a better student. I had a B average all the way through highschool, but the best thing to do is to get your stuff done before you go out and do something, or watch TV, or do anything that is distracting. It sounds like you already know how to be a good student, so just keep doing what your doing. Do you think you want to go to college after highschool? What would you like to do someday??
What kind of music do you like....what are some of your favorite singers/rappers or bands? Hope to hear back from you soon.

Posted by kerr0072 at November 8, 2005 3:13 PM


Hi Kaisa,
This quater I have a new class and it's gym.
Gym was fun for this week and it's funny cause we have been playing games the whole entire week. Because just incase he's sick or not able to come.In science class I'm learning about the body system but mainly the lungs right now. For Math class my class right now we are learning about fractions and decimals.
Socialstudies we are studying about states the midwestern states.

Well for me i don't really do anything.
Umm... yeah I have friends but no boyfriend.
I only see my friends at school. I don't really call them as my BestFriends just normal friends that's all. I'm always left out but i don't care I'm cool with that. Happens to me every year.
lol, same here don't have feelings yet.
Yeah, of course I want to go to college after high school. I'm don't know, but i do know i want to become a teacher and also want to play the piano, plus no how to garden alot.
I don't have a favorite singers, or bands.I only like certain music like japenes and chinese well asian musis. And alternitve well soft rock and jazz sometime.
That's all so what class you have this quater? Do you change class? Do you Have different teacher?

Posted by: shirly at November 10, 2005 12:52 PM

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