Drupal GCal Events module and time zones

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If you've been using the GCal Events module, you might have noticed a problem where the timezone causes event times to be displayed incorrectly.

In my situation, the time is correct in Drupal, but incorrect in the corresponding GCal link. To force the calendar to interpret the timezone correctly, you can pass the current timezone argument as a GET parameter with the link.

In your GCal Events block, configure the Event Template like this:

<P><A HREF="#URL#&ctz=America/Chicago">#TITLE#</A><br>#LOC##DATE##TIME#

This should force GCal to interpret the times as specific to Central Time.

See the Google API Atom Reference for more information about the ctz option. An example of the link in practice is visible on the Minnesota Population Center (shameless department promotion!) website (http://www.pop.umn.edu) on the right-hand events sidebar.

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