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Ipod in the right place at the right time.

I was very interested in the online industry's quest to acquire online distribution rights from the labels to distribute the music legally. For the longest time, the industry would ask the question, “Why do we need to do this? It is not impacting our business yet. If illegal downloading ever becomes a problem, we’ll just sue." As time went on, the industry started to realize that there was nothing they could do about the issues of illegal downloading so it was time for them to evolve with time. It was interesting how Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers, convinced the whole music industry to take a chance in his company by licensing download rights for their ITunes service. Because Apple Computers wasn't very big, and the ITunes service was only open for Macintosh computers music executives saw a reasonable risk in licensing their music. If the result was poor, it would not affect them as much because Apple was so small to begin with. It would have a minimal effect. Apple seemed to be in the right place and situation at the right time. Apple computers have always been pretty mediocre in my view when it came to comparing them to Microsoft. They were a nuisance because they were never compatible. It was this reason that they weren't sold in large quantities like Dell computers or other company’s hardware. Their introduction of the IPod and Itunes saved their company and revolutionized they way things are done in the digital world.