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Apple Computers 2006

Apple Computers has come a long way in a short time. I remember my very first computer was a Mac. In fact the first time I was ever introduced to the internet was through CompuServe, a program that ran off of my Mac computer. It was old and slow but it was the internet. The first thing I looked up on was the weather and printed off a weather report for my parents to see. That was a groundbreaking day. Since then I have moved to Windows and have not looked back to see what the Apple brand had been doing. This article has explained what Apple Computers has been doing over the past ten years to bridge the gap between their system and companies run by windows. Their plan of action is innovations. They are delivering to the markets innovation after innovation to try to sway the public to believe in their brand the way they believe in windows. They struck gold in 2001 with the addition of the iPod and just like a good company, they innovated that idea to make it better. Seeing that, the public started buying iPods. There are few people that I know who do not have an iPod. I currently own a shuffle and it is very convenient when I am working out, or even walking to class. I can put it on and forget it is there because it is so small. Innovations are the way that Apple is trying to bridge the gap between their windows competition and in 2005 they did a good job. I wonder what to expect for 2006.