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I am a true EA fan.

The most interesting thing about the video game industry is the structure that it works on. There are many different things that need to happen before a game can be ready to come out to the public. As described in the article, there are six participants in the market for video games. Console makers, content providers, software developers, software publishers, retailers, and consumers. I have always been a member of the consumer category although I have wondered what the steps were to get the product that I bought on to store shelves in my local game store. I have always wanted to be a part of the process of creating a game and putting it on the shelves because I have always loved to play video games. I got into Electronic Arts through their EA Sports games. In fact, for the longest time, I thought that Electronic Arts only produced sports games and nothing else. As I played some more, I realized that EA produced other games for other types of genres although I always thought they weren’t that good. It is amazing how far off I was from understanding the true scope of Electronic Arts. They have been moving up on the list for years and I have been along side them buying their products not knowing what I knew. Their best product in my view is the John Madden NFL Football series. I have been a fan of John Madden since their first game in 1992. I still have that game for the Sega Genesis. I think it was one of the best games ever and in fact, I stopped playing Tecmo Super Bowl to play John Madden football more. I guess I have been an EA supporter for longer than I actually know. The mechanics of what makes the world go round are amazing. I am a video game fan, and I am definitely an EA fan. And now that I know how they do business, I am more of a fan.