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July 5, 2005

Adventures in Utah

Lexi and Sydney just returned from a long trip to Utah. They spent two weeks with grandma, papa, and several cousins. Sydney enjoyed going to the dinosaur park, viewing the fireworks (which she so darlingly said were pretty stars), and petting the neighbor cat "Pookers." Lexi did a lot of sleeping during the day and generally kept her mother up at night with a lot of crying.

I went out to Salt Lake City this last weekend and we all flew home together. We had some family birthdays and performed a baby blessing for Lexi in my mom's congregation in South Jordan. Several of our friends and family attended and we had a luncheon at my mom's following the blessing. My mom knitted Lexi's blessing dress and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Sydney began asking to go home this weekend and we realized that she had had enough of all of the family visits. She was ready to go home to her own bed and her own toys. When we drove up in the driveway last night, the first thing she said was, "yeah...my house." She's excited to be home but now asks where everyone is such as, "where's papa, where's grandma?"

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