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January 5, 2007

Happy New Year


Hi everyone! The girls are growing up fast as you can see. Lexi is talking up a storm and starting walking on Halloween of this last year. She is quite the funny little thing and constantly keeps us on our toes. Sydney enjoys being the big sister and reminds her of that often.

Well to catch you up on a few things, our home in Minnesota sold in November and we have been trying to find a home. We made an offer on one home that an investor stole out from under us and then we recently made an offer on a 2nd home but later rescinded our offer and decided that we didn't like the location. Therefore, we are still homeless but hope to find a home relatively soon.

My dissertation, or the big D as I affectionately call it, is going well. I have all of my data collection done (with the exception of a couple interviews) and have been spending the last several weeks analyzing data. I hope to start writing in February and defend in May.

Mallory is enjoying being at home with her family and with the girls. She is looking forward to having a home again but is enjoying the time with her sister and parents.

I enjoy my job very much and have the opportunity to visit with Chinese students everyday which is great for my Mandarin skills. Mallory and I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii in November with my office co-workers for a conference. We had a great time.

Here are the girls at Halloween!

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April 19, 2006

Happy Easter Events

The girls started off their Easter Festivities this year with an Easter Egg Hunt at our city park a couple of weeks ago. It was somewhat cold but the sun was out and Sydney was taking in the newness of the whole experience. She managed to get a handful of eggs and see the Easter Bunny. At the end, she was more interested in playing on the swings and slides in the park after it was over.
VH_Egg Hunt.JPG



The Saturday before Easter Sunday we had another egg hunt at the church. Syd was able to get a bunch of eggs and this one was not as competitive with kids running all over. Even Lexi enjoyed chewing on one of the plastic eggs.



Easter morning was extremely fun this year. Lexi wasted no time in diving into her sister's basket and even sneaking a chocolate egg when mom and dad were not looking. She had the whole thing in her mouth, including the foil.



Sydney was so surprised that the Easter Bunny was able to get into the house and hide those eggs. Sydney received a couple of her favorite books, an easel in which you can use as a white board, chalkboard and magnet board, and of course lots of chocolate eggs.






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January 11, 2006

Pictures from the Fall Holidays

Sydney got to wear a puppy dog costume that her uncle wore when he was a young boy. Sydney's grandma let her borrow it when we were out in Salt Lake City for her Aunt's wedding. This picture was at our church Fall Fest in October.


The girls just hanging out!


Our Christmas Card picture this year! Our two beautiful girls!

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