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Two Delaware State University students shot

According to Reuters, two students were shot and wounded Friday morning at Delaware State University causing the campus to be closed down, and classes canceled for the day.

University spokesman Carlos Homes told reporters that it appeared that the shooting occurred after an argument between two students in the campus cafeteria.

The students, both from Washington D.C., are in the hospital; the female who was shot twice had “potentially life-threatening� injuries, and the male, who was shot once, was in “stable condition.�

Homes said that the police identified two students of interest, one of whom was already in custody.

“A gun was produced…and four to six shots were fired,� said Delaware State University Police Chief James Overton.

Students were altered to the incident by telephone, the a statement on the university’s website, and by flyers. Students, faculty, and staff who were not already on-campus, where asked to stay away for the day.

“I don't think any institution in the country did not learn from Virginia Tech and we certainly did,� Holmes said on CNN when asked about decision to lock down the campus.