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Obama speaks to a union conference

According to the Guardian Unlimited:

Barack Obama said Saturday in a union conference that health care and other domestic needs will be neglected until the war in Iraq ends.

“When this war is over, we can finally get back to facing the challenges we face here at home, the challenges you're grappling with every day,? said Obama to 600 people who were attending the union conference in Ottawa, Illinois.

The Democratic presidential candidate promised action on low wages, health care, affordable college education and retirement security.

The Illinois senator said that the war in Iraq costs between $10 billion and $12 billion a month.

Obama also brought up the issue of President Bush’s recent veteo of a $35 billion children’s health program, because he wants $190 billion for the military fund.

“I may not have the resume that Washington likes, but I believe I have the experience that America needs right here and right now,? Obama concluded.