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Redneck clique in Pa. high school causes trouble

According to The Guardian Unlimited:

A clique of white high school students in Lititz, Pa have sported Confederate flags on their clothes and parked their pickups one section of the school parking lot known as the “redneck row.?

Parents of students of color who attend the school said that school officials ignored the festering racism until everything boiled over Oct. 3.

When three white 16-year-old students allegedly yelled racial slurs and threw wads of paper at students of color who were standing outside the Warwick High School, parents of the targeted students spoke up.

Taryn Burkman, who is white said that she couldn’t remember the “redneck row? clique causing any trouble in the past.

“They always had the flags, but they never did anything to the black kids,? said Burkman, “I don't understand why it all happened this year.?

Hispanic/Latinos make up roughly 3 percent of the 1,600 student population and blacks 2 percent.