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Coen brothers pay homage to local pharmacist

According to the Star Tribune:

Mike Zoss opened his drugstore in 1950, and has since then influenced the move-making Coen brothers to name their production company “Mike Zoss Productions,? be referenced in their upcoming movie “No Country for Old Men.?

Barry Zoss, Mike’s son, got a call nine years ago from Frances McDormand, the Oscar-winning actress who is Joel Coen’s wife. The Coen brothers wanted to know if it would be OK with Bary if they renamed their production company, “Mike Zoss Productions.?

More recently, nine months ago Barry got a phone call from the Coen brothers who wanted the name the pharmacy in their upcoming movie after his dad’s pharmacy.

Before they were famous filmmakers, the Coen brothers grew up in St. Louis Park and hung out in Mike Zoss Drugs on Minnetonka Boulveard.

The Coen brothers called one more time, they invited Barry Zoss and his family to the premiere of their new movie that happened last Sunday.

“They're just releasing this film, they're in the process of shooting another, and they're already starting one this winter in St. Louis Park,? he said. “And yet they had this desire to honor my father by taking the time to make sure the camera panned just right. They've got enough on their minds that they don't have to worry about that.?