May 5, 2007


So are we all agreed for 2pm tomorrow? At Coffmann?

May 4, 2007


I am free all day sunday too, so 2pm works fine for me.

May 2, 2007


So I'm glad I actually now have access to this blog .. ^__^

Anyway, I'm free all day on Sunday. What if we were to get together around 2 PM - 4 PM and meet at Coffmann and then go from there? That way it's after lunch (because I'm not an early morning person) and then it leaves the evening open so we're not all sitting there until 10 PM.

May 1, 2007

Meeting this Sunday!

When: Sunday, May 6th
Where: Coffman
Time: Let's come to a consensus...We need to meet for two hours at least to prepare for the presentation

Bethany--> available anytime before 6pm or after 9pm
Maggie -->

April 29, 2007

Look! An entry!

....except it's not really productive. Sorry guys.

Finally remembered to post this, thanks to Bethany. These are some tentative meeting dates for us to work on our project-- I assume we'll need at least two-- and we're meant to have our individual research done by then. Posted or not posted :)

Thursday, May 8 from 8:30 pm
Friday, 4th, either all day or from 7:30 pm
Sunday, 6th, all day.

No Saturday. At all. Ever.

That's all I've got.