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This week in class we are focusing on photography and as I struggle to think of a famous photographer who was a woman, I can only think of one name. Annie Leibovitz. Her work has always stood out to me. I remember coming across her name when I was researching John Lennon for a project, and I saw that she was (perhaps) one of the last photographers to take his picture before he was murdered. More recently, I was pleased to see that Leibovitz was hired by Walt Disney to shoot some fabulous scenes of real-life celebrities as imaginary characters – I loved it!

Anyway, back to relating Leibovitz to class. (“Rachel, I tried!?) Lucy Lippard wrote in “Reframings: New American Feminist Photographies? that women are not as recognized as men for their work and achievements, especially in terms of photography. This is still true, I think. I am currently a junior in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and I believe that there are more men focusing on photojournalism than women, although there are more women in J-school, more men are getting jobs at the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press, the MN Daily and the Wake as a photojournalist. It could be that because only men are applying for these jobs, but who knows? Even though the women are in the minority as photojournalists, I think the “winds, they are a changing.? More women are choosing to be behind the camera (digital or not) and shooting their memories into being.

I have two thoughts on more women being behind the camera. 1) We are actively making our history and we are being in-control of the scene. 2) We are hiding behind the camera…? I keep coming across people (read: My dad and some of my male peers) who think that being a journalist is the “easy way out? and I find that unless you are within the J-school, you aren’t going to get the same reaction as a biomedical something or other gets when s/he states their major as you do.

Are more women becoming journalists because of some socially constructed tendency to be more passive with our ideas? Am I? What would be the opposite to being a journalist…congresswoman? Why the lack of respect from people not in the field? It annoys me when some people think that only people in the School of Architecture think that they get stressed out and no one else does…are you for real? Just because I can handle deadlines and work right up until the minute something is due, and not freak out about it does not mean that I am not stressed - it just means that I am a journalist. You know who you are, and guess what? You are just a huge tool.