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Flickr Thoughts

I have heard so much about these sites but have never taken the time to explore them. Teens are always talking about Photo Bucket and looking for certain photos, etc - now I get it! I can see so much potential for "selling a program" or inviting folks to an event by using a site like this - being able to post photos - of past events or of the site/location where an event is, etc. Lots of opportunities to sell and promote. An example that comes to mind for me is the Speak Out for Military Kids retreats - to be able to share photos of past participants and the things that are part of the retreat - as well as for the camps we offer, showing the location and the different things we'll be doing (ropes courses, obstacle events, etc.) Rather than just a brochure of an event, being able to promote a site to visit to learn more - or for past participants to check back and see the photos from their event. So much potential, just taking the time now to learn and see how to set it all up.