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UM Connect thoughts

I have been a participant on several different sessions on UM Connect. While I like the tool, I am usually frustrated through the process as someone doesn't know how to use - or they can't connect something - and it takes valuable time from the learning session to get one person (typically only one) up to speed. Very frustrating to listen to. I like the process of the system - I can sit at my desk and keep tuned in. (I did learn quickly to shut off my email though, because I could see a new message come in and then I'd need to read it and then pretty soon I was sidetracked!) The best system I have used is the University of Maryland Centracom system. It requires a headset and microphone - but only the presenters have open mics - the rest of the audience must press control in order to speak - and it even goes so far as you have to raise your hand to speak - and then you get called on. Not your usual conference call chaos of three people trying to speak at once. You can even "Step out" so the others would know you took a bathroom break or picked up a phone call, etc. There are so many possibilities of ways to use this system - I like it - and found it was easy to upload my powerpoint. Now to figure out how to keep people attentive if you have several slides!