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I was first introduced to a Wiki site through the 4-H youth development webpages - as materials were put on those sites for things like Leader Trainings, etc. I had not realized those pages had some edit options - I only understood the accessibility component. I will definitely be revisiting those for a second look at user options. I like the possibilities of the editing option - especially if working with a team and wanting to review materials and the chance to give everyone a look. It scares me a bit with the piece of everyone being able to edit - although looking at the Thomas Jefferson site - I can see how adding comments would be a way to work with that. There are so many options and ways to work, it is interesting to see how the possibilities can fit into the daily work - expanding audiences, encouraging others to be a part of a work team, or just to get the word out and see what other information is out there by others. The possibilities are endless, just a matter of getting started!