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Wrap Up Thoughts

I am really glad that I had the opportunity to explore technology in this format. I appreciated the ways I could explore - and see how it could fit into my work. I enjoyed the format - a weekly opportunity to explore, experiment with the features and the opportunity to see how others are implementing it. I am still the most unsure about RSS feeds - only because I haven't identified a topic or two I feel the need to stay on top of (or an audience I need to be aware of at all times) and the twitter, which I just don't need to be that up to date with things others are doing - or share what I am doing. But I will clearly use pieces like the UM Connect, the social networking - and even being able to use google docs and others. I would strongly recommend some other forms of "updates" like these to expose us to technology that might not be familiar - or we haven't found a way to connect to it in our work. Seeing examples from others or pushing us "out of our box" to explore and utilize tools is a great way to open those doors. Thank you for this opportunity and for providing the learning in a very user friendly way. I enjoyed it - even if I did save it till the end (August and September aren't the easiest months for "new learning" for me.) Thank you!