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I ended class introductions by asking students to write silently for 5-7 minutes on the subject: When have you felt silenced? When have you felt that your voice was powerful?

Their answers speak for themselves:

"A time when my voice was powerful - speaking my opinion about certain topics with family and friends.

I felt silenced when I was talking to any older men in the family."

"I felt powerful and that my voice was important when I won the championship in little league.

I felt silenced when someone made fun of me for speaking Spanish and told me that I'm not in a Taco Bell."

"My voice has felt powerful when I am babysitting.

My voice has felt silenced when I am around teachers that I feel do not respect their students."

"Although it didn't exactly involve my voice, I felt powerful when playing in the district honors band in high school.

A time I felt silenced was being raised Catholic; I had no say in my own 'beliefs.'"

"I have felt that my voice was powerful when I had to give my team a pep talk before a big meet.

I have felt silenced when I first came to the U as a freshman and didn't know many people."

"Powerful: when somebody learns from what you tell him.

Silence: Coming into a new country and not being understood while learning a new language."

Wow. I am speechless.

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