Gasping at beauty

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This morning my brother sent me this photo of a place in northern Minnesota that is dear to both of us; its beauty was such that I gasped out loud when I saw it. Later in the day I thought of that involuntary gasp at beauty when I came across this article from Scientific American on "the neuroscience of beauty"

"the aesthetic system of the brain evolved first for the appraisal of objects of biological importance, including food sources and suitable mates, and was later co-opted for artworks such as paintings and music.."

So my anterior insula lets me know when something is tasty/yummy or nasty/vile, not only with edibles such as apples but also with intangibles such as art and music. I find that fascinating.

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i also find that truly fascinating. As an artist it's interesting to me how each of our brains influence our likes/dislikes of a certain style of art. I also find it interesting that what one person's brain finds visually pleasing another's may find it unattractive. I also feel that it's important to remember when viewing a piece of art to listen to any feelings or reactions you have to that piece. what do those feelings say about you? What makes you respond that way? all very very cool stuff.

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