This made me laugh: Does fire have a rivalry with kindling?

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I wish I could find a more timely tie-in to Psy 1001...but these are worth posting, just because they are stylish, rude, funny, and clever. But are they good ads? At the end, do you know who the advertiser is?

When we get to behavioral psychology in a few weeks, we'll be talking about advertising, and later in the semester we'll be talking about In-group versus Out-group loyalty, but until then, if you have time, enjoy this series of six ads in which Yankee fan, Alec Baldwin and Red Sox fan, John Krasinski trade insults, taunts and blows in defense of Their Teams.

Here's the first salvo. You can click on the link above and scroll down to see the rest (or follow the YouTube trail.)

(The way to embed a YouTube video, by the way, is to click on "share" then embed. You just paste that code into this entry page, and when you save (or preview) you will see the video.)

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