How do I put up posts:

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Screen shot 2011-10-02 at 11.00.26 PM.png1) First I google UThink and click on the first hit (which is the right one.) Then I "start blogging."
2) That puts me in the system overview, the Dashboard, where I see links to the blogs on which I am listed as author.
3) I click on the blog link, which takes me to the blog.
3) To write a post, I just click on the WRITE ENTRY tab.
4) If I want to add photos, I click on the little photo icon (second from the right.) and upload new images. (What is pasted is this ominous code with a little place to add information: >< remember to add text between those symbols.)
5) I PREVIEW to check how what I have written will look.
6) Then I RE-EDIT (which is a tab at the top.) I don't save from the preview screen because it seems to be a little weird, I have to add a comment.
7) When I am satisfied, I SAVE.

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