Have our blue gel alien overlords landed?

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One-of-the-blue-marble-li-007.jpgMy sister sent me this this link from the English newspaper, The Guardian. Evidently, during a hailstorm, these blue balls fell on the lawn of an Englishman in Dorset.

"They were almost impossible to pick up, they were very jelly-like. I had to get a spoon and flick them into a jam jar. They had an exterior shell with a soft inside. They only landed in our garden in an area of a couple of hundred square metres."

Aliens? A sinister government plot gone very wrong? Chemicals from an airplane toilet?

Where is scientific thinking when we need it? Occam's razor would suggest that this is not aliens, just something ordinary, right?

And among the comments is confirmation that the answer is simple:

"I work at Bournemouth Uni applied sciences - Some samples just did the rounds in our offices and there is a reason this guy only found them in his garden, not his roof, or on the road etc

The blue mystery marbles are.......... garden hydration gel balls. They're going to be analysed as a exercise in university PR. But safe to say our alien overlords have not landed just yet."

The blue blobs were garden hydration gel balls. Hurray, science wins again!

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