December 3, 2006

What I think of after reading Gershenfeld and Khan

Neil Gershenfeld
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"If the world is a computer, then the science of computing is really the science of science." Now this idea is deep in thought, so deep I get lost and confused.

"just-in-time" vs. "just-in-case" way of teaching- I like the idea of "just-in-time" because I see it like taking a test. Studying what you know are going to be on the test is better than studying everything when the test questions are only going to touch on a few things you studied.

"The inverse of digital fabrication is digital recycling." It makes sense to re-use materials rather than using up resources. Humans should be creative by thinking of multiple ways for the use of one thing.

"A programmer can make available a piece of code that might then get taken up and improved by someone on the opposite end of the earth." It's amazing how ideas can be exchanged and build on each other. Communication is the key for the easy exchange of ideas, and also for gaining the perspectives of others.

"Individual needs are unlikely to be met by products aimed at mass market." With a class where you invent something for yourself, it's related to the idea of not biting off more than you can chew, only taking what you need. Mass production is unnecessary. I see a lot of unneeded, extra advanced technology today that are contributing to human laziness; for example, robotic lawn mowers. People are losing a sense of work ethic, the idea of working for what you got, unable to really be thankful for the origin of things.

Gershenfeld says, ordinary girls and boys using the same tools and skills as engineers is bringing back individual expression in mass manufacturing. I truly agree in the similarity. Currently, the things that technology helps create are lacking in individuality and customization. Even houses are beginning to lack character and distinction, because of wanting to build houses fast and easy which equals boring, look-a-like designs.

Louis Kahn
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Summary: the sun is the ultimate creator and its enemy is the electric bulb. Natural vs. Unnatural.

"Talent has to be recognized early to do good work." It makes me question, can talent be learned or is someone born with it? I'm leaning towards the idea of being born with talent, because of looking at Einstein, Beethoven, etc.

"It says the language of man is art. It stems..." Everyone is an individual trying to express themself and show others what they think and who they are in life.

"... because a man does not really learn anything that's not part of himself." A person learns what they want and what they want to learn reflects themself. They want to learn about themself.

"That's why I believe that no marking should exist at any school because it's destructive of man." I can totally relate to him. I would take in learning more if there weren't the pressures of grades. Learning for the sake of living and experience without people's judgement is my dream. Wanting to learn and enjoyment is more effective than forced learning. Grading students distracts them from real learning.

Technopolies! (now you're just making up words)

There are two extreme types of people with different perspectives on technology. One, those who think any advancement in gaining knowledge is nothing but a burden. Second, those who see only what new technologies can do and are incapable of imagining what they will undo (technophiles).
New technologies create new definitions of old terms (for example- wisdom becoming indistinguishable from knowledge). Control of particular technology= accumilation of power and formation of conspiracy against those who have no access to the specialized knowledge made available by the technology. The goods and bads of new technology are not distributed equally.
New technologies vs. old technologies.
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Photographer's Note "I like the contrast here. This image reflects somehow the difference between the upper-class living in luxury and the old town itself..."
Another Photo of an old car vs a new car from Robert Spychala's Snaplog Picturing New York City so you don't have to
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A new technology does not add or subtract something. It changes everything. Mainly, new technologies that alter the structure of our interests: the things we think about, the things we think with, and the arena in which thoughts develop is TECHNOPOLIES.
I think this is a great quote- "Give me matter and motion, and I will construct the world" (Descartes).

November 7, 2006

design and math

First look at designs in nature, then use geometry (MATH) to draw a plan, then make a very detailed model, and then make the design come to life!

October 24, 2006


(Oppostion of man in physical nature) How to get across a river?
possible resolutions: swim, ride a boat or canoe...
*Build a bridge (Taking the extremes of the potential response and envelope them in the design).
Without a bridge things would take longer to do. For example, let's say you were hungry and there's some food on the other side of the river but in order to eat, you have to build something or swim to get across. So much energy is saved if all you have to do is walk across a built structure that could last very long.

October 10, 2006


Phenomena = Things + Frameworks + Clockworks

(thing) The continuum of the existence of flowers, and the cycle they go through during the changing seasons.

(framework) Flowers are comparable and contrastable to trees and weeds. Things in common are that they all are a sign of life, they need warmth and water, and they originated from the ground. Differences are that trees typically grow larger than flowers, and trees can also have flowers grow on them. A tree has a trunk and a flower has a stem. All trees hibernate but not all flowers hibernate. The idea that weeds are ugly and flowers are pretty is accepted in the American outlook.

(clockwork) Things that have an effect flowers are the seasons, weather, and time, which control the flowers' behavior of life and death. During the winter flowers hibernate or die. In the spring the flowers either regrow and bloom or their seeds are planted into the ground for later sproutings. Rainy days are good for the plant; however, dry, hot days are not so good for them. The tree in comparison shows how much it has aged by the observation of the circular layers in its trunk when cut open, but the flowers leave no trace of time. All they do is die off during cold seasons and when it gets warm a new group is born in place of the old flowers.

October 2, 2006

Genius Loci

My bedroom is a meaningful place. It's a relaxing place. Coming into the room you see two twin beds and a television set near the doorway. All the counters, small tables, and drawers are covered by piles of paper, and little knick, knacks. The rectangular room has a splash of turquoise covering the walls, giving a feel of being on a tropical island. The walls have have an unpredictable texture. The floors are covered with cherry hardwood. A fan with three movable lights is in the middle of the ceiling. The windows are covered by sheer curtains that are nature-green colored. The puffy pillows, blankets, and a closet filled with colorful clothes makes me feel cozy and warm when I walk in. The lights that shine through the opened shades make the walls glow. Sleeping in my bed and looking around the room, makes me feel secure, secure from everything outside the room. On warm nights, I sleep with the windows open, allowing me to hear and feel the blowing of the cool wind and hear the chirping crickets.

Piles of Poop

Social design issue: Portable restrooms (Biffy's) are nasty, because they smell stinky and are dirty. They need to be built better and/or accomadate more things.

Document it:

these are examples of clean ones-

Optional solutions: -additonal air vents
-moist towelets to wipe up messes before and after use.
-more stable structure, decrease tipping
-multiple toilet paper rolls on the wall
-extra hand sanitizer

Advocate for it:


A cleaner toilet leads to a cleaner tomorrow!

September 17, 2006

observation of midtown market on lake st.

My visit to the Midtown Market on Lake St. was a new experience. Outside the building, the view was the usual of most buildings, brick and square. Nobody sat under the umbrella shaded tables outside, it seemed like a waste of space. Many buildings surround the market are old looking. Road construction is happening all over as the streets are busy with cars whizzing by. There are too many buildings and it makes the road space smaller. My dad tells me when I was a baby, my parents and I use to live in that area and there were plenty of free parking. Now, when we visited there were little parking available and a meter is next to every parking space.

I walked into the market and the many color made the place seem fun and exotic. The entertainment fit the scene, world music played in the background as people ate and shopped. Art work covers the walls, so people'e eyes never run out of something to look at. There were different types of people and cultures represented, and they were selling food, clothes, and jewelry. It was like survival of the fittest with all the stores, competition with who could attract the most customers. People walked in and out making things seem fast-pace.

I would make a bigger parking lot for the currently, crowdedness of cars. I would keep the use of creativity and individuality that each store brings, with their layout of the space, the color, music, etc. It was like looking at artwork as I went by each division of space. To exchange energy, stores and restaurants could work together to sell things that go together, so customers would buy more.