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it's now exactly 18 months that I have been here. the funny thing is that I've just turned 19 today! well, maybe not funny, but I guess it worths thinking about what I have achieved, and what I have lost in these 18 months.

let's go back to 18 months ago. I can't forget all those people who have been crying in the airport. well, maybe some of them were acting(!), but some really did. no one has ever cried for me since I've come here - except myself! so, that's the first thing I've lost!

it really wasn't as bad as I thought though, it was passed so fast! I guess that was because I kept myself busy everyday during this 18 months! which was probably the wisest thing I ever did. aha! here's something I've achieved: learning how to keep myself busy all the time! well, that's a nice thing.

I think the hardest challenge for me was to live without my mum. now I am... I have been living without my mum for 10 months now! well, that may not be the best thing I have achieved...

what is really the best thing? what IS the best thing anyway?
is it having a good family? is it money? is it having good education? or is it non?

I really don't know! and I don't think anybody exactly knows... and that's the fun thing about life :)

-- it's my first time writing a weblog in English, so forgive me if there are funny mistakes ;)


keep writing pal! keep writing.

-- thanks Chris! thanks for reading it :)