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shame on me

I recently listened to a lecture by Dr. Soroush. he was talking about "rights" and "duties", saying that people in the old days were always taking actions based on their "duties" whereas nowadays we are always concerned about our "rights". we say: "it is my right to vote, it's my right to have" and so on... he said that "right" is a very important concept, and lots of developments in our society are it's "fruits" (as he described it), but using only the concept of "right", human beings will soon lose all their humility! just because something is their "right", they will think it's justified! he said "what we really need is a mixture of both: rights, and duties". "we should be ashamed of ourselves"!

-- it's 3:00 am in the morning, and I was waken up by the thunderstorm! I'm kind of scared, so I decided to turn my laptop on, listen to NPR, and do something to distract myself. don't know why I wrote something like this though. my aunt thinks I'm crazy or in love with someone ( "Majnoon" in Farsi is the adjective for the people who are in love. and it also means crazy :) - maybe she's right.


you have the right to be 'Majnoon' it's also a heavenly duty!