December 15, 2006

S. Carlo

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Mathmatics in Architecture

I have taken both sets of Architecture History courses here art the U. When think about this blog prompt I immediatly thought of Francesco Borromini's church in Rome. St. Carlo alle Quattro Fontane the church was started in 1638-39 and the facade was begun in 1665. Quattro Fontane refers to the four fountains that are located on the grounds. The church is located between two main streets in Rome. No terms can clearly describe the shape of the plan for this church. Geometry was used in the building of this structure even though this was the main element in this design it was not openly stated. The design has fluid curves that unive with one another. The shape of the naive is a curved diamond like shape. This church uses geometry in its layout but its design still has a lot of movement and fluid. Download file

October 24, 2006


Oppositions are problems that we face in our every day lives. In lecture we have been discussing how a problem can be defined, and there are many different definitions. A problem most commonly is defined as something that is unwelcome but it can also be defined as a question. When I was thinking about the opposition blog, I tried to think of oppositions that affect me in my daily life.
The first oppostion that I thought of was school vs. work. School is by far on the top of my priority list but when you are trying to be finacially independent without putting yourself in dept for the next 20 years this becomes a problem. Are you supposed to take out thousands of dollars worth of loans so you don't have to work when getting your education? Or are you supposed to juggle work and school, which may affect your grades. I have been bless with parents that support me through my schooling but I have also realized that there comes a point that you need to 'grow up' essentially. I think the solution in this situation is make college cheaper, but we know that is going to happen. I think getting your education done as fast as possible is the most cost effective way so if this means you must take out loans. It will probably pay off in the long run since you will be in your career sooner.
Another opposition that I face with my schooling is sleep vs. homework. Do you stay up all night to get your work done or do you go to bed at four in the morning. If you decide to sleep your grade will be most likely be affected. If you decide to stay up and this is a ritual for you your health will eventually be affected. I think with this oppostion in my life I usually choose the grade over the sleep, yes I sometimes get sick but I know that I did everything thing in power to get the grade I recieved.

October 9, 2006


The phenomena that I chose to write about is a cultural one, Santa Claus. Santa has derived from authors imaginations since the 17th century. Being created from the dutch version of Saint Nicholas and first illustrated by Thomas Nast in the 1860's. Now we know the image of Santa Claus as the commonly depicted image on Coca-Cola products during the holiday season. I see Santa Claus as a phenomena because parents are able to have their children believe that Santa, a white haired and bearded overweight old man, comes into your house on Christmas Eve through the chimeny and that this isn't scary. I think that it is strange that not more children are afraid of Santa, we raise our children today to not talk to strangers, and to be cautious in trusting those around them. Why is it then ok to let an old man break and enter your home, just because he is bringing you gifts.

The Things that are involved in this phenomena are Santa Claus, parents, children and presents.

The Frameworks that are involved within this are the relationship between that parents and children, the parents educating about Santa Claus, and Santa Claus existing in the childrens imagination.

The Clockworks that are involved with the belief of Santa is that he is to visit your house every year on Christmas Eve. The cycle that is involved is that we were taught about Santa by our parents at a young age and we teach our children at a young age, ect..., the tail continues on.
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October 3, 2006

Meaningful Place

The most meaningful place to me is in my hometown. Neenah, WI I know it does not sound meaningful because lets face it Wisconsin really isn't that exciting. There is something about the feeling you get when you arrive at the edge of your hometown. I think it is the fact that you grew up in this town your whole life and you know ever street and the only things that are new to you are the buisness' that may be popping up here and there. On the edge of town in the country there is a coutny trail. This is my meaningful place. Here is where I used to run and play with my friends where our imaginations would run wild, on trying to discover where our new fort would be built. Its a place where I would ride horses with my family and a place where I would walk or run with my dog all through my high school years. It seems everytime I go home I must return to this trail again, the path is familiar yet the nature around it is changing through the seasons. There is always something new to find when I am running along and taking in the scene. Its a place where I can reflect on what is going on in my life and a place where I don't have to think about anything at all if I don't want to. This is the place where I realize that there is no place like home.

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September 26, 2006

Social Design Issue

When thinking about what I was going to choose to write about for a "social design issue", I first thought about what the words actually ment to me. I think that a social design issue is a design in any form (structure, product, place, ect..) that affects all or a group of society.

So I have decided that one of the biggest social design issues in America is fast food resturaunts. It seems that every main intersection that you sit at has a fast food resturaunt at its corner, if not all. Its funny how even our small unincorporated towns, coming up the hill you will still spot that golden arch. Americans lifestyle is fast paced and on the go, so most family or sit down dinners are out of the question. Our jobs engulf our lives and only having a half an hour break makes it hard for alot of people to fit the food triangle in their diet. We have become over weight compared to the rest of world and we wonder why? The American dream and lifestyle is more about conveinence that enjoyment and this is a perfect example. So maybe someone could please make a healthier alternative because we all know that our lifestyles aren't going to change anytime soon. I mean how hard is it to make Subway drive through?

September 19, 2006

Defining Energy at Midtown Market

The Midtown market is an expansive building that used to be the Sears headquarters. Today it is a cultural center holding apartments, lofts, offices, and many buisnesses. The cultural diversity is rich inside the building which holds many different ethnic resturaunts. The energy flow inside is great with people from all backgrounds coming in and out through its doors. The bus terminal outside that front of the building brings people across that city to this landmark building with its large green sign. The greenway also runs behind that building, giving one more means of transportation access to the Midtown. These lines of transportation that surround the Midtown wheather it be car, bus, bike or foot create an energy surrounding the building.