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"This college is so varied, which I really love. Anything the students do ends up being wonderful... so we're excited to participate because they're doing it."

-Karen Kaler, Wife of University of Minnesota President Dr. Eric Kaler

Phillip Kelly: University of Minnesota Undergrad Student

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"I'm not gonna lie, it's a blast! I love how they connect students to the Mississippi River because we walk over it every day, and we don't even think about it. The way that they brought together recreation and responsibility in nature I think is awesome. To bring it on a public stage with this race is just really cool."

-Phillip Kelly, University of Minnesota Undergrad Student

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"The Gopher Adventure Race was as exciting as it could be. We had a lot of fun learning the campus and the University of Minnesota culture."

-Dr. Li Li Ji, University of Minnesota School of Kinesiology Director

Reed Steele: University of Minnesota Kinesiology Graduate Student

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"We had a blast competing in the race and it isn't about place or time, but the spirit of competition, being physically active, and the fun/joy that comes with various events. Events like these really highlight the true purpose of physical activity: finding the joy of being active and discovering an outlet to socialize with others. Thanks so much for putting on a great event and I will certainly be back next year to participate."

-Reed Steele, University of Minnesota Kinesiology Graduate Student

Dr. Eric Kaler, University of Minnesota President

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"The Gopher Adventure Race is a fun and meaningful event. We'll start training (for next year)!" 

-Dr. Eric Kaler, University of Minnesota President

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"What a rush!!! I've raced in triathlons and running events all over the US and also in several other countries and the Gopher Adventure Race rivaled the very best in organization, especially for such a new event. I was so impressed with all the race volunteers and with the creativity of the race events. That was the most fun I've had since...well, since last year's Gopher Adventure Race! I look forward to participating again in 2012!"

-Ness Madeiros, University of Minnesota Kinesiology Graduate Student

Nam Pham.jpg"My experience with the Gopher Adventure Race was valuable and a great hands on learning tool, that will help me immensely towards my future goals in the recreation industry! While using a limited budget and resources, I have gained tremendous publicity and event marketing experience that no class room could ever teach. GAR provided a unique opportunity to understand what creativity and thinking out of the box truly means while developing teamwork and communication skills. It was exciting to work for a great event, especially knowing that it is still growing and improving at a young stage."

-Nam Pham, University of Minnesota Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies Student

Samantha Landvick, University of Minnesota Undergrad Student

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"The Gopher Adventure Race is a test of endurance that engages you physically as well as mentally. It is equally enjoyable and immerses you in all sorts of activities you may not have had the chance to pursue regularly during your time on campus! I loved the excitement perpetuated by the DJ at the kick off which gave me a chance to shake, literally, my nerves off and the thrill of the competition. It was blast!"

-Samantha Landvick, University of Minnesota Undergrad Student

Dr. Nicole LaVoi, University of Minnesota Kinesiology Faculty

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"My experience with GAR was completely positive. I didn't know what to expect but was from start to finish I had fun, learned about the campus, got a LOT of physical activity, experienced a very well run event, and was happy I decided to participate. I loved the diversity of challenging activities we got to experiences from fencing, rappelling down the armory tower, wheelchair basketball, rowing on the erg machine, orienteering and much more! For me, it was also fun to see our Kinesiology students in action, helping to run the event and cheer us on. I would encourage anyone to sign up!"

-Dr. Nicole LaVoi, University of Minnesota Kinesiology Faculty

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"I really wanted to do it with someone in my family because we all enjoy The Amazing Race tv show and we are an outdoor kind of family. I loved rappelling down the Armory, looking for plants in the garden, and portaging the canoes"

-Sharon Moe, University of Minnesota Undergrad Student

"One minute you're playing wheelchair basketball, and the next you're figuring out Greek letters on fraternity row"

-Peter Moe, University of Minnesota Alumni

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