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The Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies (RPLS) program is a dynamic undergraduate program designed to prepare students to enter a professional career in a field that provides individuals, families, and communities the opportunity to develop happy, healthy, and satisfying lifestyles. This holistic approach allows us to examine many disciplines as we explore the motivation of individuals within the four domains of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development across the lifespan--and how people use recreation and leisure in their lives. This program is designed to provide a strong academic foundation, while. . . [Read Full Story]
The Human and Sport Performance Lab's (HSPL) cohort of graduate students consistently brings passion to their academic work and research endeavors, often with their research questions inspired by their own participation in sport and physical activity. By drawing on their involvement with physical activity, these graduate students bring unique perspectives to their research experiences. Below you will meet some of the bright HSPL graduate students who are translating their everyday activities into ground-breaking research! Sam Johnson (Concordia University St. Paul Track and Field Long and Triple Jump Coach): Sam combines. . . [Read Full Story]
The Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene and Exercise Science (LPHES) has a long history of research success dating back to the 1930's and is a national leader in studying human health, nutrition, and disease. It has showcased the work of well-known and seminal researchers such as Ancel Keys, Elsworth Buskirk, Henry Taylor, Henry Blackburn, and Arthur Leon. Dr. Li Li Ji, Professor and Director of the School of Kinesiology, is humbled to join the above-mentioned group of respected researchers. A world-renowned researcher in Exercise Physiology, he now leads our legendary LPHES,. . . [Read Full Story]

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