Summer Internship with Key Log Rolling

About us:
Key Log was founded to grow the unique sport of logrolling through the development of a lighter, more portable synthetic logrolling log; however, we do much more than manufacture and sell a ridiculously cool new outdoor product! We are focused on sport development through indoor and outdoor aquatics programming, teacher training certification, and events such as demos and tournaments. We have an Olympic vision for the sport.

Internship Description:
Because we are a small start-up, you will have the opportunity to wear many hats and develop your skills across the board. We are willing to work with you to tailor the internship to suit your interests and strengths...but donʼt get crazy. You will gain broad based experience and knowledge, and will make several contacts in the outdoor industry. You will play a significant role in the day to day progress of the we better like you, and you better like us!

Job roles and functions include:
o PR, marketing, and brand development - writing press releases, social media
management, and all that jazz.
o Sport Development and Programming - Our big hairy long term goal is for logrolling to
be an Olympic sport, that means we have a lot to do to foster growth through developing
more teachers, starting more programs, and of course, getting more kids involved!
o Event planning - We love to plan events, and we have several throughout the summer
and fall that are crucial to giving us exposure and building brand awareness. You will be
involved in all aspects of planning and execution of some or all of the events
o The most unique aspect of this internship is that you will get to learn to logroll. You will
have the opportunity to participate in and assist with our youth and adult classes outside
at Lake Calhoun!

o Flexible and easy to work we said weʼll be working closely.
o A self-starter, someone who takes the initiative to see what needs to be accomplished.
o Strong verbal communication and writing skills.
o Someone who thinks outside the box to solve problems and to get the job done.

o Hours: Flexible, minimum of 30 hours/week
o Start and end dates: May 29 - August 31, with week of July 4 and July 30 off
o Application deadline: May 18
o Please send cover letter and resume to:

Wait, you donʼt know what logrolling is? Why didnʼt you say so?! Here, check it out...