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Russell, H.C., Steele, R.H., Franklin, A., Hoppis, S. A., & Wiese-Bjornstal, D.M.(projected started 2011)
According to the integrated model of psychological response to sport injury (Wiese-Bjornstal et al., 1998), personal and situational factors impact injured athletes' cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses to the injury and, ultimately, the physical and psychological outcomes. Type of injury (i.e., acute or chronic) is a personal factor that is proposed to impact athletes' responses to the injury; however, limited research has examined this factor. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to compare the experiences and responses of long-distance runners who have suffered acute injuries with those who have incurred chronic injuries. To better understand athletes' cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses to the injury, we will utilize a narrative research approach that allows each athlete to share their unique story. The data collected from these interviews will be used to create a chronological timeline of experiences related to the injury and the meaning attributed to these experiences using a variation of Mishler's (1986) core-narrative approach. This study will provide a better understanding of the psychological responses to different types of injuries and, through the use of narrative research, potentially highlight responses that have not been captured through quantitative methods.



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