2012-13 Sports Performance Research Seminar


All Fall 2012 seminars are Fridays from 11:45 - 1:45 p.m. in Cooke 206.

  • 9/14 - Research: Patrick Wilson & Laura Roach, Marathon Data, Diet & Body Composition
  • 9/28 - Research: Eric Statt
  • 10/12 - Sport Performance Science & the 2012 Olympics - The Evolving Athlete
  • 10/26 - Core Stability, Gait & Injury
  • 11/2 - Research: John Fitzgerald
  • 11/16 - Dartfish in the Lab
  • 11/30 - Marathon Research for 2013

Spring 2012 Sports Performance Research Seminar


January 20—Research Options for Spring 2012
February 3—Shawn Kostisch: Predictability of Contribution for Gopher Football - Bierman Football Complex
February 24—Research Progress
March 2—Scott Christiansen: Nationally Ranked Coach from Stillwater
March 30—Dartfish in the Lab Setting
April 20—Graduate Research Presentations
April 27—Poster Presentations of Research

All seminars are Fridays from 11:45 - 1:45 p.m. in Cooke 206.

Dartfish - Sport Performance Group


The HSPL recently acquired Dartfish motion analysis software to be used in conjunction with currently offered testing protocols and research questions. Dartfish is powerful tool that can be used in the lab or in the field to offer technical analysis and quantification of movement.
The Dartfish subgroup has investigated both the qualitative and quantitative features of the software. Specifically, students have been exposed to the process of developing a basic question that could be addressed using Dartfish, determining measurements of interest, and collecting video in the field, with the end goal of using the software to attempt to answer their questions.

In conjunction with the marathon training physical education class at the University of Minnesota, Master of Science student, Laura Roach, is researching the effect of body surface area to mass ratio (BSA:mass) on thermoregulation during varied marathon meteorological conditions. An advantageous relationship between higher BSA:mass and marathon performance has been hypothesized due to the dominance of lean East Africans in long distance running events. While some researchers theorize that this relationship is due to delayed thermoregulatory fatigue for those with higher BSA:mass, the current literature is still insubstantial in correlating these variables. This study hopes provide more practical knowledge for coaches and athletes concerning individual variation in marathon performance based on race day weather conditions.

Midway Speed Skating Performance Testing


We have been working with the Midway Speed Skating Club with the performance testing and analysis sense May '10. By providing these athletes with body composition, aerobic power, and anaerobic power measurements we have been able to assist their coaching staff develop training that is very specific to each athletes individual needs and track their physiological development. As the athletes start their competition season over the winter, we will help them perform field based blood lactate testing while their are skating on the Oval in Roseville, MN.

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